Legacy House Imports - Featured Countries

We have unique housewares, gifts and ethnic items including teas and teapots from the regions listed below and more! Browse by clicking on the flag. (currently England, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Russia)

Come in and see our latest treasures from around the world! Click on the 'anthem' link to hear the National Anthem for that country.


British Isles

England (anthem)
Ireland (anthem)
Scotland (anthem)
Wales (anthem)


Denmark (anthem)
Finland (anthem)
Norway (anthem)
Sweden (anthem)

Eastern Europe

Czech Republic (anthem)
Poland (anthem)
Russia (anthem)
Ukraine (anthem)


Estonia (anthem)
Hungary (anthem)
Slovakia ( )


Western Europe

France (anthem)
Belgium (anthem)
Austria (anthem)
Germany (anthem)


Holland/Netherlands (anthem)
Switzerland (anthem)


Southern Europe

Greece (anthem)
Italy (anthem)
Portugal (anthem)
Spain (anthem)

Other Countries

India (anthem)
South Africa (anthem)
Egypt (anthem)



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